Having undergone double knee surgery, and subsequent physiotherapy, I was fortunate enough to meet David as a personal trainer. He was recommended to me through the gym I attend as having the experience to help me regain knee function. He first assessed my current ability and then tailored a programme designed to build muscle strength and stability but without stressing the joints. Weekly sessions kept check on progress and allowed adaptations and increase in weights and repetitions to build stamina and strength. He also helped me to devise a programme of exercise to help maintain the progress when I could not attend the gym. As a ski instructor my knees come under considerable stress, but thanks to David’s help, within 6 weeks I was back in France, and coping with three hours of snow ploughing! I would highly recommend him to anyone recovering from injury (or who just want to get fit). I will definitely be using his expertise again.
Lesley 50 Surrey

David has been my trainer for over two years and he has enabled me to perform way above my expectations!!! I started off a bit unsure about exercise, especially how to fit it into a pressured lifestyle generally but he persuaded me to take part in tri sprints. His expert knowledge and personalised training meant that I was really pleased with how I did and my confidence and enthusiasm leapt. Now I'm always thinking about what new challenge I want to do and am even training for a marathon. His approach is to always make the training varied so that you always feel that you are doing something new and maintains my enthusiasm and keeps me on track!! A superb trainer who always checks in with how you are finding the programmes and how they fitting in with your lifestyle and adjusts them to suit...I would never maintain my enthusiasm without his fantastic support.
Dr Katherine 30 Berkshire

David has been a great in helping me make a return to fitness after the life-threatening injuries I suffered. His all-round knowledge in physical and cardio-vascular endurance has helped me increase my range of movement, flexibility, core strength and stability. Thanks to his advice I have even run a PB marathon. David's insight into the problems of traumatic brain injury means I would recommend him to others who have suffered severe head injuries.
Vince 45 Home Counties

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