Personal Coaching

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David’s coaching knowledge is second to none having experienced life as a professional athlete.  He approaches your coaching needs and goals with a logical and detailed program for you to use in order to maximise your racing success.  He will chat through race strategies pre and post every race including nutrition, hydration, pacing & the psychology of the race. 

A full assessment will take place prior to any coaching for new clients.  This assessment includes;

Body fat test
Abdominal functions
Kinetic chain assessment
Blood pressure
Glucose test 
Cholesterol test
Strengths & weaknesses of your body

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David Jones Personal Coaching package includes;
  • Road Racing – Time Trials – Triathlon 
  • Monthly 1:1 weights plan run through and strategic meeting
  • Bike Setup
  • Apparel and training aid guidance for racing, recovery and training. Includes support recommendation and sales 
  • Nutrition - pre, during and post exercise
  • SMARTER goal setting short, medium and long term
  • Peak performance planning
  • Complete training plans including weights work, swim work, bike work, run work core, and flexibility and postural
  • Specific stretching & Injury management - full and complete...diagnosis, rehab routines and assessments. Specialist diagnostic support and resolution (provided by Gary Brooks)
  • Rapid and concise development of my understanding of your physical and mental capabilities through; Session feedback, activity accompaniment and continuous monitoring through discussion and test results (static bike, time trials, treadmill, pool, weights, races and verbal)
  • Optimal race selection
  • Post competition debrief and performance assessment and evaluation. Problem solving and psychological support
(Swimming Analysis and coaching can also be added at an additional cost)